AHA at the Friends of Kananaskis Country 2nd Annual Trails Fest


Board member Colin Graver welcoming visitors to the AHA's table display.

On June 11 the Friends of Kananaskis Country hosted the 2nd Annual Trails Fest at Kananaskis Village. The event consisted of multiple activities that showcased the many ways the trails of Alberta are used.

The Alberta Hiking Association (AHA) was represented by board member Colin Graver and Jorge Stuwe of The Second Sixties Outdoor Club.The AHA booth displayed many photos of the wonderful hikes that are available to us in Alberta north to south. In addition, brochures with information on Castle Wilderness, Great Divide Trail, Bighorn Backcountry, High Rockies Trail, Kananaskis Country and CPAWS were handed out. AHA membership forms and business cards were also available.

Between 11:00 and 12:00, there were presentations by Alberta Environment and Parks on the backcountry rehabilitation program on public lands, followed by a presentation on the TransCanada Trail: High Rockies Linkage Phase 2.

At noon everyone was treated to a free BBQ lunch. After lunch, we had the opportunity of guided activities, interpretive hikes, mountain biking, orienteering, and even a bear spray demonstration.

It was a very successful event where outdoor enthusiasts, clubs and groups, presenters and facilitators united to show the many ways the Alberta trails are used.

- by Colin Graver

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