The new Trails Act establishes a system for identifying motorized and non-motorized trails on public land (outside of the provincial parks). The Act ensures trails are planned in consideration of other land-uses and values and defines designated trails as belonging to the Crown. Wherever possible, damage to trails by industry will be avoided or mitigated and repairs made where necessary. The Act also authorizes the appointment of a trail manager and for agreements with partners to operate, manage and monitor trails.  The Bragg Creek Trails Association is an example and the AHA will be encouraging other trail groups to become more actively involved in building and maintaining public non-motorized trails.

The implementation of the Act is now underway and involves mapping and registering a first round of approved motorized and non motorized trails. While the majority of trails registered in this first phase are expected to be for OHVs, there will be a number of non-motorized trails recognized as well. Additional non-motorized trails will become recognized in future through various provincial plan processes.  These include Land and Recreation management plans that will include First Nation and public consultations.  As we have done in the past, the AHA will continue to work through our local member groups to assist Alberta Environment and Parks in identifying important and/or new non-motorized trails on public land that should be designated under the Trails Act.

This is an important step forward that will see the Alberta government and the trails community work more closely and effectively together to improve and protect trail opportunities in the province.

You can read more at the following website To find details on the Trails Act proclamation and amendments to legislation and regulation check the  Queen’s Printer and search Orders in Council for February 2022 at

Further information will be provided to members as this process unfolds.  If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the board through