Become a Sponsor

The AHA offers opportunities to support its organization through sponsorship.  With your help, we will be better able to protect and improve hiking activities.

Hikeathon Sponsor

In addition to the advantage of general sponsorship, we invite existing sponsors to contribute donation prizes to our annual Hikeathon, which will help promote your business.

AHA Sponsorship Program

Yearly Sponsor ContributionIn exchange, AHA offers to post on the “Sponsors” page* of its websiteExample
Up to $49Name of your business or organization with a link to your website.Alberta Hiking Association
$50 – $249In addition to the above, the business or organization’s logo in mid-size (around 10000 pixels).Alberta Hiking Association
$250 +In addition to the above, the logo will be of a bigger size (around 25000 pixels) and posted at the top of the “Sponsors”page.Alberta Hiking Association

* Positioning on the page will depend on the number of sponsors and their level of contribution.

Contact Us and Become a Sponsor