Unprecedented flooding throughout southern Alberta has impacted roads, bridges, campgrounds, day use and staging areas, boat launches, trails and other facilities of many provincial parks. Floods have also affected the habitat of thousands of birds, animals, fish and many other species.

Alberta Parks knows that it has a substantial workload ahead of it for some time to come. Assessing access, stability and damage is already underway, but determining the full extent of flood’s impact will take time.

Alberta Parks welcomes the interest and assistance of Albertans who are eager to step forward to help us with recovery efforts. The department is currently working with its partners to organize volunteer opportunities and will post these regularly.

Please go to www.albertaparks.ca/floodvolunteer to view current flood recovery volunteering opportunities and to register for future updates, specific to the park(s) you are interested in.

Thank you to everyone who has already stepped forward, your support to parks during our initial flood recovery efforts is truly appreciated.