Annual Hikeathon

Each year, the Alberta Hiking Association invites organizational members and individuals to participate in our Hikeathon.   It is inexpensive to join and is a lot of fun.   Throughout the Hikeathon there will be draws involving prizes.  Join us!  

Our Hikeathon Sponsors are appreciated for their generosity.   Would you like to become a Hikeathon Sponsor?  Learn more.

Hikeathon Prizes!

Are you a corporation with an idea or passion, and would like to highlight the aims of the Alberta Hiking Association and sponsor a hike? Join us!  Learn more


What is the Alberta Hiking Association's Hikeathon?

The Alberta Hiking Association Hikeathon is a fundraising event. Participating hikers set personal hiking goals and collection donations from co-workers, family, and friends. This is your opportunity to help highlight the importance of our Alberta trail system on mental and physical health. Registration for the event will be posted when confirmed.

When will the Hikeathon take place?

This will be posted when known. The next Hikeathon will be held in the fall of 2022.

Who can participate in the Hikeathon?

Everyone can participate! Organization clubs, individuals, families, adults and children.

How would I track my hikes?

The Alberta Hiking Association will provide you with a sign-up sheet where you will track your goals including kms hiked and your sponsors.

Will there be prizes?

Yes of course! Our Hikeathon Sponsors generously provide gifts and awards for participant achievements.

Where does my donation go?

All donations are to the Alberta Hiking Association and will be used to support our operational costs and increase our advocacy efforts on behalf of Alberta hikers.

How much does the Hikeathon cost to participate?

The cost to register for the Hikeathon is $10. This is a voluntary, recommended minimum contribution.

How can I donate to the Hikeathon?

There will be a link posted soon!