The Coal Branch south of Hinton has a number of popular hiking trails in and around the Cheviot coal mine. Teck Coals Ltd., that operates the Cheviot coal mine, has received approval to begin an exploration program in the MacKenzie and Redcap areas of its mine lease. This will necessitate temporary closures of a week-long durations of the trails in the MacKenzie Creek, Powerhouse Creek areas and an unnamed trail that intersects the Powerhouse Creek trail in the Redcap area.

During this exploration phase, Teck will maintain public access to trails, when safe. The attached map illustrates the area including the designated access trails and activity that is part of the programme.

Cardinal River Operations’ current life of mine ends in 2019. Development of the MacKenzie Redcap could potentially extend the mine’s life beyond 2019. Any future decisions around whether to advance Mackenzie Redcap will be dependent upon a number of factors, including regulatory approvals and market conditions.

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Mackenzie and Redcap proposed coal exploration map

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Mackenzie and Redcap proposed coal exploration map