The Alberta Hiking Association (AHA) is hosting our first-ever Hikeathon! And we’re inviting you to join in the fun. We want to take our next big step as an organization. We want to become a stronger voice for hikers. We want to provide more educational resources for Alberta hikers, too. To do this, we need to raise more awareness and create new ways to increase much-needed funds. That’s where this fundraiser comes in.

So, how does it work?

🥾 Register on the Eventbrite page.
🥾 Collect sponsorships or make a donation.
🥾 Plan a hike between Sept 24 and Oct 4.
🥾 Go hike with your friends, club, or just go solo!
🥾 Share your wonderful photos!

Tag us on Facebook or Twitter using the #albertahiking2021 hashtag or email us your photos at

Why should YOU join?

Aside from supporting your local hiking organization, you’ll also get out and enjoy fresh air on the trail. But wait… there’s more! All participants receive 10% off at SKUXS Outdoor Store—with your favourite brands to choose from. Finally, each hiker will be entered into a draw for: 1) Additional discount with Skuxs or 2) Print trail poster from Crowfoot Media.

We hope you’ll join us!

Interested? Register here.

Still have questions? Please contact us.