The National Trails Roundtable is calling on all Canadians who use motorized and non-motorized recreational trails, or who develop, build, maintain, fund or advocate for trails in their provinces, territories, regions or communities, to give their input by responding to the National Trails Survey.

This Survey has been prepared by the National Trails Roundtable following a meeting of trail enthusiasts from all parts of Canada in November 2010.

The objectives of this Survey are to determine the most important challenges and priorities of Canadians who care about trails, to see where there is general agreement and to identify areas for potential collaboration.

For more information about the National Trails Roundtable please read the Backgrounder which accompanies this News Release.

To access the Survey go to

To respond to the Survey it will be necessary to review the National Trails Roundtable Summary Report which can be viewed on the following websites:
National Trails Coalition
Canadian Trails Federation
Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations
Canadian Off-Highway Vehicles Distributors Council
TransCanada Trails at

This is an ideal way to send or emphasize your messages about trails to policy makers and managers who make key decisions about trails across Canada.


If you have questions please contact one of the following representatives of the National Trails Roundtable for Alberta
Linda Strong-Watson, Alberta TrailNet Society,
Ph. 1 877 987 2457
Cal Rakach, Alberta Outdoors Coalition,
Ph. 403-638-8546



In November 2010 trail leaders from across Canada participated in a two day National Trails Roundtable workshop in Banff Alberta. This workshop was attended by delegates from all provinces and territories Most of them are volunteers. The non-profit organizations and government agencies with which they are affiliated undertake advocacy for or the promotion, development, funding, building or maintenance of trails.

This Roundtable Conference was initiated and organized by TransCanada Trail and Parks Canada, both of which also provided funding for certain events during the conference.

The objective of the conference was to determine if there is a need for and support for greater collaboration at the national level between the different groups of stakeholders concerned with trails. Participants in the workshop concluded that collaboration between stakeholder groups must become a high priority.

Over the two days delegates developed their vision for trails throughout Canada and agreed on the many values they share. These include their passion for trails, the importance of safety and education, respect for diversity and accessibility, the need for cooperation, collaboration and inclusiveness, the importance of volunteer and community involvement, the importance of health, and active living and respect for nature and sustainability.

The delegates agreed in principle that the following are essential: collaboration between trail stakeholders, the need for trails to have a higher profile with the public and governments, increased funding and resources, respectful conduct on trails, sharing of information and knowledge and interaction with governments.

The delegates identified ten areas with major challenges which impact on achievement of their vision. These include government involvement, funding, fragmentation of the trails sector, user group conflict, land use, marketing, trail building and maintenance, education and engagement, risk management and environmental stewardship.

The Roundtable has published a comprehensive Report with the results of the workshop. A working group has been formed to engage trail stakeholders and follow up on the issues identified during the workshop. A Summary Report has also been prepared and a Trail User Survey has been structured to solicit input from as many trail groups and users as possible across Canada.

The Summary Report and the full Report can be accessed on the websites to the following organizations: National Trails Coalition, Canadian Trails Federation, Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations, Canadian Off-Highway Vehicle Distributors Council, Trans Canada Trail. Links are provided in the accompanying News release.

The Roundtable Workshop ended on a high note with unanimous agreement on the need for more collaboration on virtually all issues concerning trails throughout Canada

If you have questions about this initiative or wish to contribute please contact the Roundtable’s contact person listed in the News Release for your Organization, Province or Territory.