A new Canada Post stamp to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Parks Canada will be available on May 19th. Designed by Banff native Tim Nokes, the new stamp celebrates Canada’s extensive Parks system which began with Banff Park. As quoted in the Calgary Herald (May 11, 2011), Tim says his new stamp pictures what the national parks stand for — ” It’s about self-discovery; that’s why the national parks are really wonderful. A person can take the time to experience a place without a ticket or a guide. It’s an intimate, personal experience.” The stamp features a hiker in a pristine mountain environment with abundant wildlife; obviously a wilderness area protected for the benefit of both wildlife and people — something we all can relate to. It is also a reflection of early Park’s policy to preserve these lands ” unimpaired for future generations”. It is noteworthy that this new stamp shows a low impact visitor, a hiker, as part of this protected ecosystem. Parks Canada’s new Corporate Plan is available ( see http://www.pc.gc.ca/docs/pc/plans/plan2010-2011/ceo.aspx ) and is creating some controversy ( see http://www.rmoutlook.com/article/20110414/RMO0801/304149987/-1/rmo/little-support-for-parks-special-events ).