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Waskahegan Trail is a 309 km long volunteer managed wilderness trail allowing excellent day hiking, backpacking, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing in the Edmonton area. The Waskahegan Trail is primarily a private trail for which the association has been given the responsibilities of stewardship and guardianship. The trail is open to the public at the discretion and wishes of the landowners. Members have full access to the trail – excepting landowner conditions – and may purchase a trail guide to enjoy it.  Members of the public are welcome to take part in our public hikes, join the association or use sections which are open to the public (such as city, county, provincial and federal lands). Before doing so, please read our FAQs, Etiquette and Rules (links to the left) – for additional information about our Trail and Events. The Association is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to hiking on, building, and maintaining this premier trail.

Town: Edmonton, Beaver Hills

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  • South Saunders Lake hike September 23, 2023
    Nine people came out to hike the 8+ kilometer hike along South Saunders Lake. At the outset we were greeted by a herd of curious cattle. In the distance we saw an eagle circling. It was being chased by crows. Looking down, we nearly stepped on a couple of “very nice mice with pretty ears […]
  • Pipestone Creek East Fall Splendor September 15, 2023
    Nineteen people came out to hike the Pipestone Creek trail section starting at the sod farm. It was a brilliant sunny day with the right amount of breeze to keep us comfortable on this challenging trail. The trail has some challenging spots, where you are required to leap or sometimes wrangle a narrow space over […]
  • South Miquelon Hike at end of summer September 1, 2023
    Nine people came out to hike the South Miquelon trails starting on the section south outside the provincial park. This was a repeat of the hike done a few months ago, which was curtailed because of the dense mosquitoes. On this hike we encountered almost no mosquitoes except in the denser woods. The last time, […]
  • North Saunders Lake hike August 26, 2023
    Twelve people came out on a warm, sunny day to hike the trail along Saunders Lake starting at the north end. The total hike distance was 8.5 km. In the four days since trail maintenance came through, strong winds had blown down a large tree across the path. It took some effort to clear it […]
  • Fort Ethier to Bigstone Creek August 19, 2023
    Nine people came out to hike the trail starting at Fort Ethier. The views from far above Bigstone Creek are very stunning.  From on top of a steep, sheer, embankment we looked down upon a forest of tall Spruce trees. The picturesque creek winds through the stand of trees. The trail switches quickly from being close […]
  • Middle Battle River Hike August 12, 2023
    Fifteen people—seven from Camrose area and eight from Edmonton area—came out to hike the Middle Battle River from Duhamel. Some of us continued on as far as Fidler’s Monument. Most of the trail was wooded, giving protection from the sun but not from the mosquitoes! As we sang Happy Birthday to Darlene, the mosquitoes joined […]
  • Hike at Ministik Bird Sanctuary August 5, 2023
    Fifteen people came out to hike the trail from the Spilstead Road into the Ministik Sanctuary. Much of the trail is in the woods, with only a few open views overlooking ponds and lakes. The day was warm and humid, but we weren’t bothered by any mosquitoes. Perhaps the birds take of them, We didn’t […]
  • South Coal Lake to the Dam July 28, 2023
    Six people came out to hike the trail from the Water Treatment Plant to the dam at the south end of Coal Lake. Most of the trail along this section passes through chokecherry bushes, which are just starting to ripen. When we arrived at the bridge over Pipestone creek, swallows swirled above and around our […]
  • Miquelon Hike – Birds! July 14, 2023
    Ten people came out to hike the trails south of Miquelon Provincial Park. This trail is spectacular for watching shorebirds at the edge the lake. Here is another bird we encountered—a baby hawk in its nest. The parents were screeching at us to move along. A trail marker like this will grab your attention. In […]
  • Middle Coal Lake Hike July 6, 2023
    Eleven people came out to hike scenic Coal Lake from the road allowance southward to Kjorlein Corner. It was a straight-through hike, which meant that there was no looping back. Every corner turned was a new experience. We saw a lot of pelicans along the way, including this small flock. It’s not often butterflies will […]