In 2011 the association received a grant to expand the trail system in West Bragg Creek. With a crew of both paid workers and volunteers, the Greater Bragg Creek Trail Association planned and built 27 kilometres of new trails. These single-track trails have been built to international standards with shallow grades to prevent erosion. Unlike many of the other trails in the area that follow the valley bottoms, the new trails take hikers, cyclists and eventually equestrians up onto the ridges that are drier and afford views.

As noted in Town Hall meeting about logging West Bragg Creek, many of these new trails are now threatened by logging. The Greater Bragg Creek Trail Association has been working hard both to advertise the existence of the new trails and to encourage their use, and to prevent the disappearance of sections of the new trails into swaths of clear cuts. On 28 June 2012, CBC Radio went out to the area to report first hand on the trails and the work of the association. You can view videos and read more about the trails at: outdoor-report/. Two maps accompany the report.

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