Farewell and Welcome on the Board


In last September, the AHA board of directors have appointed Kimberley Burfoot and Andy Dragt to serve on the board. Their appointment will last until the spring AGM when they can be properly elected by the membership.

Kimberley Burfoot is from Calgary and has a 17 years' experience in Finance, Administration and Accounting. She has volunteered with community recreation groups since 2010, focusing on children in sport. In 2010 and 2011, she was a member of the Board of Directors with Kirkfield-Westwood Community Centre in Winnipeg. When she moved to Alberta in 2011, she took on the volunteer role of the Treasurer of the Chestermere Minor Hockey Association. In the last 5 years, she has enjoyed hiking in Alberta which impacted positively her health, her appreciation for nature and her desire to protect our beautiful landscape for the enjoyment of future generations of hikers, walkers and snowshoers.

Andy Dragt, from Calgary is one of the founding member and organizer of the Slow and Steady Hikers meetup group. This group was founded in Calgary in September 2011. He also wrote "The Book On Hiking". This book is a basic introduction to hiking in the Canadian Rockies, the preparation, gear and knowledge required to do so. It also includes information on wildlife, survival techniques and the benefits of hiking with a club.

The AHA is now at the full complement of directors. Jane Ross, AHA chair, moved to Victoria at the end of September. She will be sorely missed for her organizational skills and her ability to write. She was a great contributor to our newsletter. Jane would have finished her six years on the board by the next AGM and would have had to step down as the AHA bylaws state. As vice chair, Murray Fierheller have taken over her duties as chair and Kimberley Burfoot has stepped in as vice-chair.

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