Who may join?

Any not-for-profit Alberta-based organization or group for which hiking, walking or snowshoeing is a significant part of their activities, and who support our Objectives, may join AHA. Individuals, who have similar interests, but who do not belong to any formal hiking organization, and would like to be more involved in supporting AHA's Objectives, are also encouraged to join.

How to join?

ONLINE: Select your membership category among the options below. Click on "Join Now", fill out the form and click "Submit".
BY MAIL: Click on the link below the categories of membership to download the form in PDF. Fill out the form on your computer or print the PDF. Mail the form with your cheque. Make your cheque to the order of Alberta Hiking Association and mail it to:
Alberta Hiking Association c/o Erick Dow
2515 16 St SW
Calgary, AB  T2T 4G1

Categories of membership

Individual member

Any person over the age of 18 who supports the goals of the Alberta Hiking Association.


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Individual member of AHA member organization

Any person over the age of 18 who supports the goals of the AHA and is affiliate with an organizational member of AHA.


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Organizational member

Not-for-profit Alberta-based organizations for which hiking, walking, or snowshoeing is a significant part of their activities and which support the goals of the organization.


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Why should you or your hiking organization join AHA?

Hiking is one of the most popular recreation activities in Alberta, according to many polls, but hikers have had little or no presence at 'stakeholders' meetings with government and land managers. Many planning initiatives are currently in progress and there is increasing pressure from other recreation users, especially motorized users. A provincial association representing hikers’ interests and concerns will provide a stronger voice for clubs and individuals scattered across the province.

For example, in 2008, when AHA was still in its formative stages, it was welcomed at the stakeholder forum held by Minister Ady, of the Tourism, Parks and Recreation Department, to discuss the new Plan for Parks.

By increasing communication between the various hiking organizations across the province, AHA will provide local and regional clubs or individuals with support from the entire hiking community. Identifying common problems will allow us to focus our efforts to influence decision-makers.

We need your help! You are the people who have the local experience and the boots on-the-ground knowledge. We need your eyes and ears to protect our parks and wildlands. We need to work together to ensure that we and future generations can continue to enjoy them in the future!

Together we will be better able to protect and improve the outdoor activity we so value. Please join us!